Despre noi

When things were not so easy around us, we said to ourselves: "Don't sit on the couch and wait for something to come to us, go out, be daring and make a change. Smile more, be excited!"

After years of being a Café scene we decided to go BISTRO, reinvent our-selves and do something different. We changed the look, we changed the menu structure and we created d20 as a little oasis away from the hustle bustle of daily life to step into, take a break and enjoy a snack, a drink or a delicious meal right in central Bucharest.

A little Kiwi (New Zealand) flavour, a little Ruskie (large neighbour to the north) and a whole of Romanian influence (as one would expect) comes together to provide a inner city, urban taste sensation. And it's not standing still with continuous changes being made to add to the menu and provide that little bit of difference, be it new or just a seasonal change.